Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over-ear Headphones Green

The headsets come in five different color variants; Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over-ear Headphones green, silver, space Gray, sky blue and pink, all of which are equal in terms of performance. We tested the green variant of the Apple AirPods Max to rate its performance in terms of construction, comfort level, controls, size, convenience, and durability. And after a series of tests, these headphones turned out to be perfect for travel, the workplace, and the library. However, the performance of the Apple AirPods Max during phone calls is only satisfactory for wired gaming. It is worth noting that a separate Lightning to AUX cable must be purchased for an additional $35 as it is not included in the box. The charging case on the other, is included in the Apple AirPods Max packaging but the performance and design of the case was rather disappointing as it does a poor job in actually ‘protecting’ the headphones.

Why Are Airpods Max So Popular?

The green Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over-ear Headphones, with their sleek and understated aesthetic, are a fitting representation of the quality and craftsmanship that went into its creation. The headband is wrapped in textured athletic knit webbing, and the ear cups are covered in satin-finished metal. You can choose from various colors, including silver, gray, blue, green, pink, and black. The headphones provide acceptable comfort, although they are somewhat hefty.

Additionally, their strong clamping force might get tiring throughout an extended listening session. The plush cushioning in the ear cups is removable and replaceable. The right ear cup has just two buttons on its top, and programming commands is a breeze. Their one-of-a-kind Digital Crown serves as both a control and a crown. The airflow in the Apple AirPods Max is adequate. Because of their over-the-ear style, they tend to retain heat, which can become oppressive after a while. While sitting at your workstation, you won’t even notice it. The aluminum shell and metal and silicone headband of these Apple headphones attest to their high-quality construction and reputation as the best over-ear noise-cancelling headphones. The mesh screen that encloses the headband gives the impression that it can easily be torn or otherwise damaged, especially if the headband is used as a handle.

How comfortable are Airpods Max?

Because of the high-quality materials, the Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over-ear Headphones are noticeably heavier than many other wireless headphones on the market. However, the weight-distributing design is so efficient that they don’t feel cumbersome on the head, and there are no significant pressure areas. After almost two years of daily use, the AirPods Max has yet to cause us any discomfort or weariness during our lengthy listening sessions.

How to check if Airpods Max is real?

Here are a few steps to check for original Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over-ear Headphones;

Check the packaging for;
Tiny stickers with compatibility information and the UPC
Original Apple Logo (should not be a sticker or an inset)
The contents should have a manual, warranty card, and a safety sheet.

Verify the product’s serial number should be of a genuine Apple product.
Check the charging case; on the bottom should be a Lightning port
The multifunction button on the back should sit flush with the casing
Connect to your phone;
If the phone can’t verify the product and says that you need to connect to your “AirPods” conventionally, it’s a fake. The “find my” earbuds won’t work on fake pair either.

Are Airpods Pro Max waterproof?

Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over-ear Headphones are not water resistant. It doesn’t even repel water, which is a major drawback. Take this off and put it somewhere if you get trapped in a downpour. To be fair, this is characteristic of high-end headphones, but audiophile headphones are only built for portability and use in the home. Even though the headphones are considered to be one of the best over-ear noise-cancelling headphones, Apple messed up by not making the AirPods Max waterproof, given that its design prioritizes portability, especially compared to the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, which are similarly priced but have a higher water resistance rating (IPX4).

How long does the Airpods Pro Max last?

With Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio enabled, your AirPods Max can deliver up to 20 hours of listening, talking, or movie playback. Five minutes of charging the AirPods Max provides approximately 1.5 hours of listening time.

Can Airpods Pro Max connect to Android phones?

Yes. Apple Airpods Max Wireless Over-ear Headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Certain features, such as spatial audio and head tracking, are exclusive to Apple devices. However, I use them with my iPhone/iPad/MacBook and Windows computer at work.

What does AppleCare Plus do for AirPods Maxes?

If your AirPods Max experiences hardware malfunctions within a year of purchase, you are entitled to a free repair under the limited one-year warranty. It does not cover damage caused by accidental drops, mishandling, or stolen Airpods. You can also receive free technical support for up to ninety days.

For added peace of mind, you can opt for AppleCare Plus coverage for $59, which includes two years of 24/7 priority access tech support via chat or phone. It also covers accidental damage for up to two incidents per year, each subject to a $29 service charge. Battery service coverage is also included.

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